Career Research Insights

In order to learn more about hiring and gain insight into finding a career, my team conducted a series of interviews with Google professionals. They gave us background about their careers and approach to hiring. We asked them about resumes, portfolios, and in general what advice would they give to students who are looking for internships or positions at companies. 

Key Insights

What I learned from interviews with a User Experience (UX) Manager, Software Engineering Manager, and UX Researcher

Resumes and Portfolios

  • Make sure you have the basic skills listed on your resume.

  • List something unique about yourself that will show a perspective and passion for what you do.

  • If you have links on a resume, have a few quality ones. 

  • Volunteer work, conferences, redesigns, etc. are great experience to show passion when you don't have much experience. 

  • Be honest and don't inflate your experience.

  • Practical experience is better than academic experience.

  • It is essential to show what challenges you faces and how you overcame them.

General Career Insights

  • Don't underestimate yourself.

  • You own your own career.

  • Learn new skills and always be willing to discover something new.

  • Know how to collaborate with people and network.

  • Be open to considering unconventional opportunities (working at a startup, etc.)

  • Don't worry if things don't go as planned. Early in your career is the time to experiment.

  • Stay up to date on your industry.